Pieces used in running OpenDaylight

I’m running through Brent Salisbury’s excellent walk-thrus (http://www.networkstatic.net) on installing OpenDaylight (http://www.opendaylight.org/).  As someone who is more a network guy than a coder, I thought I’d try to decipher some of the things that are being used.

Eclipse(http://www.eclipse.org) : an IDE that is commonly used for Java projects.

Maven(http://maven.apache.org/): an automated build system that helps handle dependencies when building a project.

m2e: a plugin for Eclipse that allows you to work with Maven projects

OSGI (http://www.osgi.org): a module system for Java that allows components to be added/removed to an application without reboot.

Tycho (http://eclipse.org/tycho/): a set of Maven plugins that are used for making OSGI bundles.

All of these components come together in building OpenDaylight.  You could do without the Eclipse stuff if you just wanted to run on the command line, and/or use a different IDE.  Brent’s videos do a great job of getting the controller up and running, certainly worth a watch.

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