Unit Testing OpenDaylight code with Mininet and Python

I recently got pinged by Dale Carder from the University of Wisconsin regarding a python API he is developing for ODL.  The API is a nice step in relieving some of the tedium when dealing with the ODL REST API.
One of the cool things he’s done as part of his project is create some unit tests for his code using the python API for mininet, coupled with his Python API code.  Unit tests are a great way to make sure the code you’re creating does what it should do, and keeps doing the right things when you make changes. They are key to practices such as Test Driven Development(TDD). Combining Mininet API calls with ODL API calls could be a powerful tool for creating network applications. Let’s take a closer look and see what he’s done to leverage that Mininet API:

First he creates a class for to define the topology:

class SingleSwitchTopo(Topo):
    "Single switch connected to n hosts."
    def __init__(self, n=2, **opts):
        # Initialize topology and default options
        Topo.__init__(self, **opts)
        # mininet/ovswitch does not want ':'s in the dpid
        switch_id = SWITCH_1.translate(None, ':')
        switch = self.addSwitch('s1', dpid=switch_id)
        for h in range(n):
            host = self.addHost('h%s' % (h + 1))
            self.addLink(host, switch)

This gives us a Mininet instance with a switch with hosts that can be used to test the API calls.

Next he starts up the test network:

def setup_mininet_simpleTest():
    "Create and test a simple network"
    topo = SingleSwitchTopo(n=4)
    #net = Mininet(topo)
    net = Mininet( topo=topo, controller=lambda name: RemoteController( 
                   name, ip=CONTROLLER ) )

Then finally he setups the tests and tests the API calls that he makes. Here is the setup and one of the test cases:

class TestSequenceFunctions(unittest.TestCase):
    """Tests for OpenDaylight

       At this point, tests for OpenDaylightFlow and OpenDaylightNode
       are intermingled.  These could be seperated out into seperate

    def setUp(self):
        odl = OpenDaylight()
        odl.setup['hostname'] = CONTROLLER
        odl.setup['username'] = USERNAME
        odl.setup['password'] = PASSWORD
        self.flow = OpenDaylightFlow(odl)
        self.node = OpenDaylightNode(odl)

        self.switch_id_1 = SWITCH_1

        self.odl_test_flow_1 = {u'actions': u'DROP',
           u'etherType': u'0x800',
           u'ingressPort': u'1',
           u'installInHw': u'true',
           u'name': u'odl-test-flow1',
           u'node': {u'@id': self.switch_id_1, u'@type': u'OF'},
           u'priority': u'500'}

        self.odl_test_flow_2 = {u'actions': u'DROP',
           u'etherType': u'0x800',
           u'ingressPort': u'2',
           u'installInHw': u'true',
           u'name': u'odl-test-flow2',
           u'node': {u'@id': self.switch_id_1, u'@type': u'OF'},
           u'priority': u'500'}

    def test_01_delete_flows(self):
        """Clean up from any previous test run, just delete these
            flows if they exist.


You can find the beginnings of his API here:

please keep in mind its still very early goings, and a work in progress. Thanks goes out to Dale for letting me borrow his code for this post.

4 thoughts on “Unit Testing OpenDaylight code with Mininet and Python

  1. runseb says:

    It’s nice ! quite helpful. you should tell Dale to put it on Github, so we can fork it and send pull requests.

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